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  • Joie Bold Car Seat KShs 47,200.00

    Group 1/2/3 (9 months-12 years old baby)

    A triple trooper with bonus harness protection up to 25kg. Makes growing up fast simple and secure with ever snug ISOFIX and vehicle belt installation.

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  • Joie Every Stage Car Seat KShs 42,500.00

    Group 0+/1/2/3 (Birth to 12 years)

    Joie Every Stage is the ultimate transporter that makes growing up easy from teeny-tiny to twelve years. Grows every which way for every which stage. Use the seat from birth in rear-facing mode and transition to forward-facing mode at 18 kgs through the toddler years to the big kid stage.

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    Joie i-Gemm 2, Eclipse KShs 27,500.00

    A soft and secure i-Size ride from birth up to 85 cm with extra plush protection in the headrest. Pair up with Joie pushchairs and the i-Base™ Advance for safe travels by foot or by car. Every adventure is on the safe side with exclusive Tri-Protect™ headrest using Intelli-Fit™ memory foam.

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  • Joie i-Trillo LX Highback Booster KShs 22,800.00

    Group 2/3 (15 kgs to 36 kgs) Or (3 to 12 years)

    You’ll find every adventure is easygoing with this space-saving booster that packs full features and i-Size security into a sleek and streamlined frame. Both your child and your mind can rest secure with i-Size safety upgrades like exclusive side impact certification and extra firm ISOSAFE plus belt install.

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  • Joie Stages 123 Grey Flannel KShs 39,500.00

    Group 0+/1/2 (Birth to 25 kgs/7 years)

    The Joie Stages car seat is a brilliant companion meant to grow from birth to 7 years. This seat is suitable for up to 25 kgs and converts to a high-back booster to give years of travel adventures.

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  • Joie Steadi Car Seat KShs 28,500.00

    Group 0+/1 (Birth to 18 kgs/4 years)

    Joie Steadi faces rearward up to 18 kgs. It’s a cosy seat that comes with removable and washable covers, and makes seat transition easy.

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Baby Car Seats

Baby car seats can be difficult to choose when you do not know baby car seat groups and types. Our knowledge of baby gear, not just baby car seats, is broad, having been in this business since 2012. We provide you with the information you need to buy the best baby car seat for your needs.

Tajistore maintains top-rated baby car seat brands such as Joie, Nuna, and Graco, that offer features such as iSOFIX and have a good recline for newborns.


Safety is the primary concern when using a car seat for a baby. While aesthetics and extra features are good to have, safety is paramount. If you cannot confirm the safety of your baby’s car seat, you are using a chair in the car and this itself is a hazard in the event of an impact.

We stock top-rated baby car seat brands, so you do not need to worry about safety. A safe car seat is crash tested based on standards set by regulating authorities in countries like the US, the EU and other jurisdictions. Our baby car seat brands not only meet these standards but exceed them.


Depending on the geographical territory the car seat brand-originated seats are grouped numerically like Group 0+/1, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 1/2/3, Group 2/3 or categorized by use i.e., Infant Baby Car Seat, Convertible Car Seat, Combination Car Seat, High Back Booster, and Backless Booster.

Baby car seat groups determine use based on the child’s weight and height. Your seat comes with a manual that gives this information and further, the seat itself always contains diagrams illustrating the different stages in case of a multi-stage seat.


Car seat installation is simple, do not let the belts and anchor points intimidate you. There are two main types of installation:

Vehicle seat belt installation

Belt installation is universal – meaning installation can be done in any car with seat belts (assuming all cars do). The seat is secured using your vehicle belt, following a belt path with colour markings. When done right, a vehicle seat belt is very safe. Stickers with installation information are found on the sides of the child seat, acting as your manual on the go.

ISOFix Installation

Until recently, ISOFix use was not common. First invented in the mid 90’s by VW in collaboration with Britax, the ISOFix baby car seat has become popular with buyers due to its fuss-free installation. ISOFix means International Standard Organization Fix, a technology that uses metal hooks integrated into the car seat to anchor onto your vehicle’s ISOFix points. These points are marked (ISOFIX) on the rear passenger seats. Rampant incorrect vehicle seat-belt installation necessitated the invention of ISOFix, a sort of “no-mistake” installation solution. Most ISOFix car seats still have belt installation options, making them universal. Modern cars include ISOFix points and in future, most car seats will have ISOFix connectors although belt installation in car seats is not going away anytime soon.

Please note there are semi-universal car seats, meaning, baby car seats that cannot be installed in some vehicles. For example, when a seat installs via ISOFix only. Rotating baby car seats, commonly known as 360 degrees seats, fall into this category. Their construction does not allow for belt installation. Please consider this when making a purchasing decision. Also note, ISOFix car seats are heavier than belt seats and cost more.

We offer in-store demos for baby car seats so if in Nairobi, you can pop by our store at Yaya Centre 1st Floor and see available baby car seats. We also do free baby car seat installation upon purchase if you physically collect your seat from the store. Our seats have a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects (this is the standard warranty offered worldwide) and you can be sure your investment is protected when you buy with us.


Currently, we stock some of the best brands the global market has to offer: Joie, Graco and Nuna are our staple brands. Follow us on our socials @tajistore for updates on news and updates on our travel inventory.

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