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Baby Feeding Chair, Highchair, Or Booster Seat

With many options available for baby highchairs, new parents can experience exciting and carefree mealtimes. A feeding chair offers to support your child from the first stage of weaning through to the maximum weight/age given. 

Tajistore offers a variety of baby highchairs ranging from the most basic to highly sophisticated 6in1 feeding chairs. Adjustable recline, footrest, & height are among the features some of these highchairs come with.

How and when should you use a feeding chair?

If your baby has started eating solid foods and can sit up alone, you can introduce him to a high chair at the age of six months. The baby can eat in relative security in a high chair. It makes feeding easier for the parent and keeps the infant at ease as he encounters new tastes, textures, and meals.

You wouldn’t just want to buy any random baby feeding chair. Safety should be paramount in any baby gear and highchairs aren’t excluded. Our brands depict and ensure every gear has undergone a safety standard measure. You’re, therefore, on the right platform to purchase a safety-tested baby feeding chair.  

What Types Do We Stock?

We stock Nuna, Joie and Graco highchairs which have a wide range of choices, from the most basic to more sophisticated ones depending on the specs and your budget.

When shopping, you may want to decide whether you want a basic baby highchair or a standard one.

Among other features to consider, look out for

  • The maximum weight the feeding chair can hold
  • The ability of the seat to recline or not
  • If the seat has an adjustable height position
  • Footrest adjustment
  • Single or double highchair covers
  • Removable and/or adjustable tray position
  • Wipeable or washable fabrics on the seat and easy to remove
  • Wheels for some little movements
  • Type and ease of folding, etc

Having the seat turn into a separate chair and table, as well as the top seat acting as a booster seat, is a plus if you want your child to use the seat longer.

We sell baby feeding chairs of excellent quality that can be maintained for a long time. All our products come with a user manual and we assemble if you decide to get yours at our open stores. Delivery options are also available as stated in our delivery policy so kick-start your weaning journey in style.

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