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Why you need a stroller

Stroller, pushchair, pram, buggy, or whatever you’d like to call it, do you really need one in Nairobi? You will find a stroller among your most useful baby gear and here’s why:


Babies need fresh air. Like all of us, babies need outdoor exposure for their well-being, and what better way to stroll outdoors? In Nordic countries, it is not uncommon to find babies left outdoors in a stroller. This, they say, gives babies better sleep and makes them less susceptible to coughs and colds. While we cannot leave our babies outside here in Kenya, the stroller is literally your baby’s bed when going outdoors with the family. It’s the place for rest, leaving parents or caregivers hands-free to enjoy the outdoors. Older children say 2 – 4 years, will need a nap after stretched outdoor activities. In situations when you’re not about to go home, the stroller is a lifesaver.

If you love outdoor adventure, you don’t have to be restricted just because you have a baby. Depending on the type of stroller, your little one can join in family activities like walking in forest trails, jogging in the neighborhood, and other outdoor excursions that would otherwise be difficult to take an infant along.

As the baby gets heavier, activities like shopping become daunting without the help of a baby carrier or stroller. You can stay outdoors longer with a stroller and with all the modern accessories like insect net, rain cover, and footmuff, you can keep your little one comfortable no matter the weather or time.

Twin strollers also make it possible to move two babies around with ease, allowing them to experience the outdoors together. If you find yourself alone with twins, the stroller is the only gear that will help you transport twin babies in one-go.

Choosing the right stroller ultimately involves budget and lifestyle considerations. A lower budget should not get you a poorly made stroller, just fewer features. Your stroller construction can be as basic or as high-end as you want it.

At Tajistore, we are authorized stockists of a variety of stroller and travel system brands – from budget to luxury. Our brands include Graco, Joie, Nuna, Oyster, and Egg. We love helping you choose the right stroller for your family. Remember, this is among items that will last years and see you through multiple babies; you need to choose well. If you spot a stroller you like but can’t still make a purchasing decision, let us know how we can help. We offer free in-store consultation on baby gear during weekdays so get in touch by clicking the WhatsApp icon on this website to book a slot.

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