Toddler Feeding

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Toddler Feeding

Good nutrition is vital for healthy growth and development during the first two years of childhood. Attempting proper nutritional techniques at a young age ensures that children establish healthy eating behaviours.

Probably you’ve aligned a diet to give to your munchkin and trying to figure out a better way for them to ingest. The good news is that products have been developed over the years to help smoothen the feeding process. Children can now easily take meals, thanks to the big brand manufacturers who have been inventing and re-inventing functionally proven and quality baby feeding products.

We stock baby and toddler feeding utensils from the world-leading brands like Munchkin, Boon, Tommee Tippee, Nuk, Bumkins, and Avanchy.

Toddler Feeding Accessories & Utensils

Sippy Cups or Non-spill Cups

Sippy cups aid in taking milk, water, juice, or any soft liquid with minimum spillage from 6 to 36 months of age. Having the right sippy cups are a great way to start/continue weaning your baby. Depending on the age or developmental stage your baby is in, the sippy cups come in different volumes and flow rates. You may want to consider these guidelines when choosing a sippy cup for your baby.
– Type of sippy cup (360-degree sippy cup, straw cup, silicone spout, or hard spout sippy cup)

– Size of the cup which is adjacent to the rate of fluid flow
– Material used. To avoid babies hitting their gums or teeth with glass, most sippy cups are made of plastic or silicone rim materials. We sell BPA-free plastic-made materials.

Baby Feeding Plates & Bowls

Feeding bowls/plates with or without suctions should be good to get your baby going. We recommend Munchkin-love-a-bowls or Munchkin Suction Bowls from 6 months to over 3 years for easy feeding. You may want to consider if you need lids or not as not all have. We also have divided plates for picky moments.

Baby Feeding Spoons

Do you want to parent-feed your baby or want them to start feeding themselves? Our list of spoons ranges from colour-changing spoons, silicone-feeding spoons, easy self-feeding spoons, and cutlery. Most top-rated feeding spoons are soft-tip like the munchkin soft-tip spoons and Tommee Tippee easy-feeding spoons. They are gentle on the baby’s gums and their ergonomic design makes them comfortable for holding. Your big kid may otherwise need cutlery set during table time. The cutlery set is made of both steel and plastic. They have a great design for easy holding and they have a perfect short size for self-feeding.

Baby Feeding Bibs

However tidy we want to wean, we do not rule out the possibility of food or liquid spilling during the process. Bibs should be number one on the list when preparing your child for a mealtime.

Bumkins is one of the brands that has perfected making nice feeding bibs for babies and young children. We share with you their nice waterproof, wipeable weaning baby bibs, from junior bibs, supper bibs, and sleeved bibs. Also available are silicone bibs. You’ll find more information about bibs in our Bibs & Burping category.

You’ll experience an interesting table time with your baby when you have got the right feeding utensils that are working for you both. Eventually, the baby learns a healthy feeding habit.

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