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  • Boon Squirt, Blush KShs 1,550.00

    With Boon Squirt, you can use a single utensil to feed your baby – mess free! It’s easy to use and clean. Your new little foodie will love how food just flows with the Squirt. It’s genius!

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  • Boon Squirt, Mint KShs 1,550.00

    With Boon Squirt, you can use a single utensil to feed your baby – mess free! It’s easy to use and clean. Your new little foodie will love how food just flows with the Squirt. It’s genius!

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  • Munchkin Click Lock Tip & Sip Weighted Straw Cup 207ml KShs 1,390.00

    The weighted straw cup dispenses liquid from any angle. And with the flip top lid and Click Lock® functionality, this cup is also perfect for use on-the-go. The cup comes in assorted colours and shown. Unless stated, any colour will be packed.

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  • Munchkin Gentle Transition Trainer Cup 125ml KShs 1,400.00

    Moving to a sippy cup is an exciting first step toward drinking independence, but it can be confusing for bottle-fed babies. Make the change easier with the spill-proof Gentle™ Transition cup!

    The soft, patented spout design is extremely flexible and gentle on babies’ sensitive gums, and the removable handles make it easy for them to take the lead. When it’s time to leave the bottle behind, this spill-proof trainer is the perfect first sippy cup to introduce. Cheers to hitting those milestones!

    *This item is sold in assorted colours. To get your preffered colour, please specify in your order. Subject to stock availability.

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  • Munchkin Lift Spoon 3pc KShs 600.00

    Munchkin Lift™ Spoons are a clever way to keep your spoon and tabletop clean, in-between bites. Designed with details in mind, the base of the spoon keeps the tip elevated off of counters and away from germs. While baby might not know how helpful clean spoons are, they will love the bright translucent colors that catch the light and their curiosity. The super soft, BPA free plastic is shaped like a spatula for easy scooping and gentle face-wiping duty.

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  • Munchkin Love-a-Bowls KShs 1,490.00

    Munchkin Love-a-Bowls are 100% guaranteed to be spill-proof, leak-proof, and break-proof. Rest assured, they’re also safe for use practically anywhere, including the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. This set of four interchangeable bowls comes with four lids and two soft-tip spoons, making it the perfect starter for the early days of solid feeding. Just right for everything from baby food to toddler snacks, these bowls are easy to store and easy for busy mums to take on the go.

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  • Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons, 6pk KShs 980.00

    Designed for little mouths and happy meals. Mealtimes go a little faster when you feed a baby with the right utensils. These Munchkin soft-tip infant spoons have a rounded shape that’s gentle on baby’s gums. The special handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold, and just the right length to reach the bottom of food jars. They’re practical, functional and colourful. What else can you ask from a spoon?

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  • Munchkin Splash Bowls 2pk KShs 1,300.00

    Ready to make a splash next mealtime!?
    Munchkin’s two-pack of gripping bowls from the Splash™ line is guaranteed to get your little one excited next time they sit down to eat.
    The modern design won’t clash with your décor and the no-slip bottom means fewer messes.
    BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, these bowls are necessary for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    *This item has assorted colours. Please indicate your preferred colour in notes at checkout otherwise any colour in stock will be packed for shipping.

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  • Munchkin Squeeze Spoons KShs 1,390.00

    Make mealtime a breeze with a simple squeeze of a spoon that holds up to 5 ounces of stage 1 or stage 2 pureed baby food. Feeding baby can be a very messy affair, and sometimes that squeezes out all the fun of introducing solid foods. To get specific product colour, please indicate colour choice in your order.

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  • Munchkin Stay Put Suction Plate KShs 1,600.00

    Let’s face it, mealtime can get messy with a new self-feeding baby and toddlers that are learning their strength! The strong suction base on this plate adheres to most surfaces, so the plate and the meal will stay in place. When mealtime is over, the quick-release tab makes removal easy for adults. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe, so clean up is easy and quick, too.

    Sold in pairs: choose between blue/green or lilac/peach. Subject to stock availability.

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  • NUK Annabel Karmel 6 Stackable Food Pots KShs 1,690.00

    Perfect for storing baby food, the attractive Annabel Karmel Stackable Food Pots will keep baby’s food fresh and tasty. For added convenience and easy storage, the food pots can be easily clipped together.
    Providing 2 x 50ml, 2 x 75ml and 2 x100ml portions, the pots are perfect for serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in. For simple preparation and cleaning, the Annabel Karmel pots are microwave, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

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  • NUK Annabel Karmel Food Masher and Bowl KShs 1,490.00

    The Annabel Karmel by NUK Food Masher & Bowl is perfect for use at home or out and about.  For instant baby food, parents simply mash banana, avocado, peach or pear on its own or with a little breast or formula milk. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe for added convenience, parents can heat up or freeze your baby’s meals within the bowl.

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  • Tommee Tippee Weaning Sippee Cup 190ml 4m+ KShs 1,500.00

    Specially designed for your baby’s first sips, our sippy cups help your baby to develop tipping and sipping skills whilst preventing spills. The easy to drink from trainer cup features a clever two-piece valve that allows liquid to flow easily through the spout when your baby wants to drink, but keeps the cup fully spill proof between sips. This cup also comes with a handy removable hygiene cover.

    *This cup has sorted colours. Please state the colour you prefer in the check-out notes otherwise any colour in stock will be packed for delivery.

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  • Tommee Tippee 4 Pop Up Freezer Pots & Tray KShs 1,400.00

    These stackable pop up freezer pots make storing food easy. They are perfectly portioned for first foods; parents can make up purees in their blender, then store what they don’t need in the pots in the freezer for later. They come with a lid for travel and have built in soft push up bases so they can remove frozen food with no effort or defrosting required.

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  • Tommee Tippee Design Feeding Spoons x5 KShs 950.00

    Easigrip soft weaning spoons are ideal for tender gums and perfect for the first stages of eating solid foods.
    Their chunky handles are easy for little hands to grip as they learn to hold and scoop food with a spoon. While the deep and wide spoon bowl helps make it easy for baby to scoop up tasty treats and that they stay on the spoon until little mouths eat them up.
    BACSHIELD™ protects the spoon tips by reducing bacteria by up to 99.99%*

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  • Tommee Tippee Design Heat Sensing Spoons x4 KShs 880.00

    No more burning your tongue as you test the temperature of baby’s food.
    Our clever heat sense soft weaning spoons turn yellow to let you know that baby’s food needs to cool down before you feed them. The long handle makes it easy to reach into jars and pots, plus it’s anti-slip so will rest on the side of a bowl without slipping off.
    BACSHIELD™ protects the spoon’s surface by reducing bacteria by up to 99.99%*

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